Project: Flourishing Enterprise Method

A project proposed by members Ondine Hogeboom and Antony Upward and now actively under way - with a focus on startups / methods for enterprise formation.  See project website: and on Twitter @Lean4Flourish and Facebook   


The initial discussion about this idea for a new project that members of the SSBMG might wish to collaborate around was made at the end of Ondine's presentation to the SSBMG at the groups regular monthly meeting on Aug 11, 2015 (see this post to the Linkedin Forum for details if you'd like to join and participate in this discussion;post includes link to Ondine's slides, and a recording of the meeting)  

Next Steps

Is it now time to convene a  new project within the group to move  the "how" aspect  of the Flourishing Business Innovation Toolkit forward ?

The methods side of the Flourishing Business Innovation Toolkit was introduced in 2013 and some initial work started. More recently others in the group, have undertaken research specifically related to methods for designing and testing social enterprises - whose goals are aligned with ideas of strong sustainability (see recent presentation by Ondine Hogeboom at last months meeting - links in comments to this post: This has sparked a number of discussions and from our research we are seeing that interest in this "how" question is growing, i.e what methods are recommended for designing, testing and implementing businesses with strongly sustainable goals and business models? 

Our thinking is that that starting a SSBMG “methods’ design project could be of value in a number of different ways, including informing aspects of several other of this group's projects. For example informing how the Flourishing Business Canvas can used used most effectively, and how the KPIs and Goals of the Future Fit Business Benchmark could be used to inform the process of designing business models with strongly sustainable goals. 

We have been thinking about what the scope of this new "flourishing enterprise method” project may look like and have put some very initial ideas down below. 

Do you have ideas about how we should start moving forward on the methods side of our Flourishing Business Toolkit project? Would you be interested in getting involved in a potential methods project in the future? 

If so, we are calling for all interested members, practitioners and researchers, those with experience doing business design and those with an interest in business design methods, to join us for an initial exploratory meeting about the way forward. Students and other researchers who might wish to make this topic core to their research are most welcome to lead and participate. Practitioners who see such a method as being central to their value propositions in the market are also most welcome to lead and participate. 

If you know of others already doing work in this area please invite them to join this first discussion so we can explore collaboration possibilities, we may not need to reinvent the wheel. 

We plan to convene this meeting 90 minutes prior to the regular SSBMG group meeting on Tuesday 10 November, room 287, 3pm EST - GMT (virtually and F2F). Please email Ondine directly if you are interested in participating in this meeting at  

A discussion thread in Linkedin will be started to enable SSBMG members to express their interest in participation in this first exploratory meeting.

Initial Outline Statement of Purpose / Scope / Objective

An initial possible statement of purpose / scope / objective for the project has been developed by Antony and Ondine (below).  SSBMG members interested in getting involved can modify, extend this at the first exploratory meeting.  The first meeting can also discuss any other questions members have that would enable them to participate, including setting initial and longer term research and / or practice goals for the project, securing funding and other resources, and confirming the project's goals are aligned with the SSBMG's 5 streams of research and practice.

In support of the realization of the SSBMG vision & mission, members of the SSBMG agree to collaborate on this Flourishing Enterprise Methods project to:

Explore / design / test / publish a method / methods for starting up, initial scaling, diversifying (e.g. new product and service), and transforming existing enterprises (for profit, not for profit, hybrid, B Corp, Co-op, charity, etc.) so they they to sustain the possibility for flourishing for human and other life on our single shared planet forever, leveraging the power of a business model lens (language, concepts, tools, techniques).

In this work, this project seeks to undertake research and / or practice that leverages, develops and/or integrates earlier work by SSBMG members and other SSBMG projects, including:
  1. Ondine's recommendations from her recent graduate research (to be presented at the meeting)
    • Hogeboom, O. (2015). Applying the lean start-up methodology in social purpose start-ups (Masters, Henley Business School, University of Reading, UK).
  2. Methods thinking by members of the SSBMG Flourishing Business Innovation Toolkit project (back in early 2013), 
  3. Methods thinking done by other SSBMG members Harvey Weisfeld (with Ash Rashful and Antony Upward).  This work was introduced towards the end of the August 2015 monthly meeting of the SSBMG (Ondine, Antony & Harvey have access to this
  4. Dialogic Design for the Flourishing Enterprise Presentation - Collaborative Strategy Process & Action made to SSBMG meeting in November 2013 by OCADU sLab and Flourishing Business Toolkit project member Dr. Peter Jones.