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2020-07-14 - #092

From Value Chains & Circular Economies to System Value Cycles 

This month our speaker is Bill Baue, Senior Director at r3.0.  

Bill Baue works on global systems transformation and mindset/paradigm shifts in collaboration with companies, investors, NGOs, academics, and other intermediaries (such as UN agencies). 

As a serial social entrepreneur, he has co-founded the ThriveAbility Initiative, Sustainability Context Group, Convetit, and Sea Change Radio, and he co-facilitates the Reporting 3.0 Platform. He has worked with companies such as GE and Walmart, investor coalitions such as ICCR and Preventable Surprises, NGOs such as Ceres and Worldwatch Institute, academics such as Harvard and UN Global Compact Principles for Responsible Management Education, and intermediaries such as UNEP and UNCTAD. 

He regularly co-authors/edits influential books, reports, and articles. He tweets at @bbaue.

The Public Comment Period is currently open for r3.0’s Value Cycles Blueprint, so Co-Author Bill Baue and Ralph Thurm will walk participants through the Blueprint’s explorations of “value” from Shareholder Value through Shared Value to System Value, and of “cycles” — from linear Value Chains through the Circular Economy and Thermodynamic Accounting to Value Cycles, Spirals, and Webs. 

r3.0 will be releasing its Value Cycles Blueprint at its virtual Conference 8-11 September, with a full track devoted to Value and Circularity (with a 90-minute Keynote Plenary Session and a 3-hour Interactive Session with 3 breakouts), so this presentation will serve as an introduction to that deeper dive.

As usual, we are meeting on the 2nd Tuesday of the month
  • Date: Tuesday, July 14, 2020 
  • Time: 90 minutes starting  13h30 PDT (UTC-7) / 16h30 EST (UTC-4) / 21h30 BST (UTC+1) / 22h30 CEST (UTC+2) / 05h30 JST (UTC+9 +1 day)

To join the meeting please see the face-to-face and virtual logistics posted to our LinkedIn Group in this post (join the group to access).

The slides presented plus a link to the unedited recording of this meeting is available via our GoogleDrive in the folder for this months meeting. 

Anyone who joins the LinkedIn forum is considered a member of this group and is welcome to join at the meeting

The link to the recording of the meeting has been posted as a comment to the Linkedin Post about this meeting, along with on-going discussion about the meeting by our members.  A copy of the recording has been stored in the GoogleDrive folder for this months meeting.

Attendance list is updated at the event to record attendance (Name, Role, Affiliation, Location)

  • Bill Baue, Senior Director, r3.0, Connecticut River Valley Bioregion
  • Dr. Tim Posselt, Desklight Research and Consulting, SSBMG Community Facilitator
  • Lori Farley, Intonovus Canada and Impact Calgary, Calgary Alberta
  • Ralph Thurm, r3.0, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Nabil Harfoush, co-founder of SSBMG, Prof. at OCAD and Harvard. Currently in Toronto
  • Morris Fedeli, THRIVE Project, University of Queensland, Brisbane Australia
  • Sayeh Dastgheib-Beheshti, Toronto, Canada
  • Simon Robinson, Holonomics, São Paulo, Brazil
  • Bill Craig, FlourishX, Edmonton
  • Andrew Simpson, Ecotone Software Consulting, Toronto
  • Randy Sa’d, REFOCUS, Cambridge, ON
  • Mohamed Basta, PhD, supply chain social responsibility using systems thinking
  • Michael Sillion, Captain Future of the Future Navigators, Halmstad, Sweden
  • Katie Motta, Shift Circular, Toronto
  • Vlad Toma, Conestoga College, Kitchener, Ontario
  • Juan Pablo Giraldo, Member of Leap Mindset, Bogota, Colombia