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2020-03-10 - #089

Towards a Curriculum for Flourishing Enterprises and Regenerative Culture

This month our speaker is Dr. Nurete BrennerCo-Director of the Lake Erie Institute and self-employed career coach/executive coach.  

Nurete was introduced to the group about 4 years ago by Claire Sommer, the then Executive Director of one of the initiatives of the group’s members Aim2Flourish.

In August last year many SSBMGroup members were at the 1st International Conference for Sustainable Entrepreneurship, organized by our member Dr. Lotfi Belkhir.   At this conference Nurete delivered a very emotionally powerful talk about her vision for the future for business school curricula that would education the next generation of managers so their enterprises "do good to do well" - a world were: enterprises excel, because people are flourishing and nature is thriving, and the possibility for flourishing for all is sustained.

In her talk, Nurete will provide an updated talk on her ICSE presentation, including her thinking since last August.   She will also extend an invitation to dialogue for co-creation with all members of the SSBMG:  Who would like to work with Nurete on brining forth this new, very necessary, and critically important curriculum?. Nurete is keen to start an initiative of SSBMG members around the vital topic of her talk. At the end of her talk she will, therefore, be starting the process of inviting other members to explore this opportunity together.

As usual, we are meeting on the 2nd Tuesday of the month
  • Date: Tuesday, March 10
  • Time: 90 minutes starting  13h30 PDT (UTC-7) / 16h30 EST (UTC-4) / 20h30 GMT (UTC+1) / 21h30 CET (UTC+2) / 05h30 JST (UTC+9 +1 day)

To join the meeting please see the face-to-face and virtual logistics posted to our LinkedIn Group in this post (join the group to access).

The slides presented plus a link to the unedited recording of this meeting is available via our GoogleDrive in the folder for this months meeting. 

Anyone who joins the LinkedIn forum is considered a member of this group and is welcome to join at the meeting

To introduce her talk, Nurete wrote: 

What is the meaning and purpose of school in the age of climate disruption? What does school even look like? Can we re-imagine a classroom? A curriculum? A pedagogy and a learning environment? At Lake Erie Institute we have begun to play with ideas that respond to some of these questions although we believe there is much still to imagine and to create. I am looking forward to sharing what we’ve come up with so far, to receiving feedback, and to discussing with the group ideas around a flourishing and regenerative educational model.

The link to the recording of the meeting has been posted as a comment to the Linkedin Post about this meeting, along with on-going discussion about the meeting by our members.  A copy of the recording has been stored in the GoogleDrive folder for this months meeting.

Attendance list is updated at the event to record attendance (if a location is not provided participant was F2F in Toronto)
  • Dr. Nurete Brenner, Co-Director of the Lake Erie Institute, Cleveland, OH, United States
  • Antony Upward, SSBMG Co-founder, Flourishing Enterprise Institute Co-Founder, Convener Flourishing Enterprise Innovation Toolkit ProjectAdjunct Prof. OCAD University Faculty of Design, Adjunct Prof. Halmstad University Department of Innovation Management, Toronto ON
  • Dr. Tim Posselt, SSBMG Community Animator
  • Vlad Toma, Conestoga College, Toronto
  • Berglind Sigmarsdottir, University of Iceland
  • Stephanie Doscher, Director of Global Learning Initiatives, Florida International University in Miami
  • Gryph Theriault-Loubier, Thero & Creative Commons Canada, Kitchener-Waterloo
  • Panos Panagiotakopoulos, Better My Business and Seneca College, Toronto
  • Lori Farley, SSBMG Community Animator, Cofounder Impact Calgary, Cofounder Intonovus Canada, Calgary, Alberta
  • Dr. Catherine Morgan, University of Edinburgh
  • Michael Sillion, Captain Future from the Future Navigators (Sweden)
  • Dr. Bob Willard, Sustainability Advantage, Withby, Ontario
  • Josh Harrower, Toronto