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2019-05-14 - #080

Policy Update from the Flemish Government: Green Business Models - Why Don’t They Catch On? 

This month our speakers are senior policy analysts from the Flemish Department Environment and Land use Planning: Koen Misseur, Inge Delvaux and Inge Cools.  Over the past 18 months they have been undertaking research, supported by members of this group, to answer the questions "Green Business Models, Why Don't They Catch On?" and hence "What new policies could be put in place to change this?" 

This months presentation will summarize on the research undertaken, including the role played by our members, and provide their answers to these two questions, and discuss next steps on the journey towards new, more strongly sustainable, policy! 

As usual, we are meeting on the 2nd Tuesday of the month
  • Date: Tuesday, May 14th, 2019 
  • Time: 90 minutes starting  13h30 PST / 16h30 EST / 21h30 GMT / 22h30 CET / 05h30 JST (+1 day)

To join the meeting please see the virtual logistics posted to our LinkedIn Group in this post.

The slides presented plus a link to the unedited recording of this meeting has been available via our GoogleDrive in the folder for this months meeting. 

Anyone who joins the LinkedIn forum is considered a member of this group and is welcome to join at the meeting

To introduce his talk, Koen describes their presentation with the following:

"A green business model describes how a company creates value together with its stakeholders, by delivering products and services that meet the needs of the market but also take into account the limits of the planet, and how this co-creation generates a positive social impact. Companies with a green business model are economically viable and externally focused: they follow global trends, take environmental pressure and climate change into account and can flexibly adapt to these challenges. They work together in a chain approach with other companies in the value chain.

The aim of the green business models is to finally go to new forms of value creation, which are regenerative and flourishing ("flourishing") in all areas: economic, ecological and social. Understanding how green business models take shape can help companies to be ready for and successful in the markets of the 21st century.

The preconditions that must be in place for a broad transition to green business models to be implemented and successfully implemented were mapped together with the business community and are reported in this study."

The link to the recording of the meeting is posted as a comment to the Linkedin Post about this meeting, along with on-going discussion about the meeting by our members.  A copy of the recording is stored in the GoogleDrive folder for this months meeting.

Attendance list is updated at the event to record attendance (if a location is not provided participant was F2F in Toronto)

  • Koen Misseur, Policy Advisor, Green Economy, Flemish Department of the Environment and Land Use Planning, Brussels, Belgium
  • Inge Delvaux, Senior Policy Advisor, Flemish Department of the Environment and Land Use Planning, Brussels, Belgiu
  • Inge Cools, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Public Policy Consultant, Brussels, Belgium
  • Antony Upward, SSBMG Co-founder, Convener Flourishing Enterprise Innovation Toolkit ProjectAdjunct Prof. OCAD University Faculty of Design, Adjunct Prof. Halmstad University Department of Innovation Management, Toronto ON
  • Nicole Norris, SSBMG Community Animator, OCADU MDes SFI Student/Georgian College, Centre for Changemaking and Social Innovation, Barrie ON
  • Frederick Peters, City Institute, York University, Toronto.
  • Douglas Worts, Worldviews Consulting, Toronto
  • Alessandro Savina, Politecnico di Torino (vistino OCADU from Turin, Italy)
  • Randy Sa'd - Executive Director, REFOCUS - Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
  • Eric Fath-Kolmes, Co-Founder, FlourishX, Groningen, The Netherlands
  • Harvey Weisfeld, Better My Business, Toronto
  • Peter Jones, Associate Professor, OCAD University
  • Morris Fedeli, USQ, Brisbane Australia - Providence Solutions
  • Bill Craig, BizMundi Inc. Founder, Board Chair and President of the Canadian Positive Psychology Association (CPPA) (Edmonton)