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2017-12-12 - #066

Reporting on New Business Models 

We're delighted to be able to announce this month our speakers are our members Ralph Thurm and Bill Baue, Co-Founders of Reporting 3.0.  This initiative is building a shared understanding of the reporting that will be required in a strongly sustainable economy (regenerative, distributive, open, within the planetary boundaries, meeting the UN SDGs and beyond).   This is an initiative of members of this group (and many others) that is curating a collaborative, pre-competitive, neutral space where stakeholders from across the reporting spectrum gather to co-create the design needs and pilot new best practices for future-fit / science based reporting.

To realize this goal, Reporting 3.0 has an annual conference, and is developing a number of "blueprints".  The first three focused on Reporting, Accounting and Data.  This led to the understanding that to truly understand future-fit / science based reporting requires a deep understanding of the new, future-fit / science-based, business models which are being reported!  It is this fourth and final blueprint, focused on New Business Models, now under active development with many members of this group, that Bill and Ralph will present this month.

As usual, we are meeting on the 2nd Tuesday of the month
  • Date: Tues Dec 12  
  • Time: 90 minutes starting  13h30 PST / 16h30 EST / 21h30 GMT / 22h30 CET / 06h30 JST (+1 day)

To join the meeting please see the F2F co-ordinates or virtual logistics posted to our LinkedIn Group in this post.

Anyone who joins the LinkedIn forum is considered a member of this group and is welcome to join at the meeting

To introduce themselves and their talk, Ralph and Bill wrote:

Reporting 3.0 Co-Founders Ralph Thurm and Bill Baue will present on the r3.0 New Business Models Blueprint, which rounds out the series of 4 Blueprints on next-generation practices to spur the emergence of a regenerative, distributive, and open economy — the other 3 Blueprints are on Reporting, Accounting, and Data (with final reports available for the Reporting Blueprint and Data Blueprint, while the Accounting Blueprint is in Exposure Draft 2.0 phase.) 

The New Business Models Blueprint seeks to identify the current state in new business model development, and also identify what’s needed for new business models to spur broad economy-level transformation — and therefore identify gaps between current best practice in new business model development and truly future fit business models. Following the standard practice of r3.0 Blueprints, the New Business Models Blueprint has convened a Working Group of about 30 global experts on new business models and related issues for a 12-month development process that includes two Exposure Draft releases for vetting in meetings, virtual dialogues, and a public comment period (for the  second Exposure Draft). Reporting 3.0 has released Exposure Draft 1.0, and the New Business Models Blueprint Working Group has convened a virtual dialogue and in-person meeting at Carlsberg Brewery in Copenhagen on 2 Nov 2017. 

Ultimately, the New Business Models Blueprint proposes the maturation toward Integral Business Models, which Ralph and Bill will present on in-depth, to tee up a question-and-answer session.

The slides presented plus a link to the unedited recording of this meeting is available via our DropBox and GoogleDrive in the folder for this months meeting.  Please contact Prof. Nabil Harfoush for access to the dropbox via the Linkedin Group.

The link to the recording is posted as a comment to this Linkedin Post about this meeting, along with on-going discussion about the meeting by our members.  A copy of the recording is also stored in the DropBox and GoogleDrive folder for this months meeting.

Attendance list was updated at the event (if a location is not provided participant was F2F in Toronto)
  • Ralph Thurm and Bill Baue Co-Founders Reporting 3.0 (Netherlands & USA)
  • Antony Upward, SSBMG Co-founder, Convener Flourishing Enterprise Innovation Toolkit ProjectAdjunct Prof. OCAD University Faculty of Design
  • Claire Sommer, Exectutive Director, Aim2Flourish, Fowler Center for Business as an Agent of World Benefit, New Jersey
  • Moris Fedeli, University of Queensland, Bangkok
  • Randy Sa'd, Executive Director REFOCUS, Toronto
  • Magenta Ceiba, Bloom Network, California
  • Maria Rendon, Entrepreneur in solar energy solutions, Bogota, Colombia
  • Abir Hossain, Consultant for Sustainable Business and Business Development -, Gothenburg Sweden. 
  • Andrew Simpson, Founder, Ecotone Software