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2016-10-11 - #053

Discussion - Getting Involved with What's Next for SSBMG

This month something slightly different.  An open discussion, facilitated by Randy Sa'd amongst our members, particularly those involved in the four major projects of this group - but all members are welcome.

The agenda and F2F/virtual logistics for this meeting and posted to our LinkedIn forum here.  Anyone who joins the LinkedIn forum is considered a member of this group and is welcome to join at the meeting.

As background to this meeting here's what Randy said: 

The topic for this month's meeting is to discussion the future and evolution of the SSBMG.  We have learned, especially over the past six months as our membership has nearly doubled, that people are interested in the subject matter and network we curate each month.  At the same we continue to struggle to find the leadership and capacity needed to effectively administer and support the group's ongoing operation, it is evident rich expected and unexpected benefits have been arising between projects of members of the SSBMG including:

1.       Measure – Future-Fit Business Benchmark –

2.       Design – Flourishing Enterprise Innovation Toolkit –

3.       Transform – REFOCUS -

4.       Build – Lean for Flourishing Startups –

An overall introduction to these four projects, tailored to one specific audience, the Centre for Social Innovation in Toronto, is available in the October folder of the SSBMGroup Dropbox (Please contact Prof. Nabil Harfoush for access via the LinkedIn group).

The SSBMG's relationship to and support of these projects is definitely an area of opportunity worth exploring further as there seems to be tremendous potential for enabling their success. There is also an opportunity to similarly support additional projects as we have confirmed there is plenty of interest within the broader community in engaging with a collection of innovative projects of this nature.

The sustainability of the SSBMG's business model is due for an evaluation.  Fortunately, I think we may have a few professionals and tools within the group that we can take advantage of.  As part of a rigorous and inclusive process, it would be ideal to address the following questions that may help us clarify how we can most effectively move forward:

  • Based on current practice, what is the group’s value proposition and what are the functions it performs that are of value to members?  How else are members gaining value through their membership?
  • What have we learned from the four new enterprises that have been in focus within the SSBMG?  Why are they affiliated with the group and what may compel them to contribute more to the SSMBG’s success?
  • What problem can the SSBMG uniquely solve?  What can we do better than any other org in this space?  
  • What would be a value proposition and set of functions that if performed, could produce enough value to ensure the group is viable?
  • How should the governance of the group evolve?    See this page in the wiki where a discussion is underway.

The Link to the recording has been posted to the comments of the Linkedin Post about this meeting, along with discussion about the meeting by our members.

Attendance list:
  • Randy Sa'd, Facilitator for this meeting - and Leader REFOCUS
  • Andrew Simpson, co-Facilitator for this meeting - EcoTone Software
  • Antony Upward (SSBMG co-founder, Convener Flourishing Business Innovation Toolkit project)
  • Nabil Harfoush (SSBMGroup Convener, OCADU Faculty)
  • Stephen Davies, Human Being of Planet Earth
  • Jeremy Bowes, co-Founder SSBMG
  • Kelly Okamura, Gooder Goods
  • Bob Willard, Friend and Sustainability Advantage
  • Florian Lüdeke-Freund, University of Hamburg
  • Martin Rich, Future-fit Foundation 
  • Ondine Hogeboom, Lean4Flourishing
  • Peter Jones, Redesign Network & SSBMG Co-founder
  • Doug Worts, Worldviews Consulting
  • Nenad Rava,