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2015-08-11 - #042

Ondine Hogeboom, Graduate Student Henley Business School at the University of Reading, U.K. presented her research at our all important 42nd monthly meeting of the SSBMG, on the application of the Lean Start-up Methodology (Blank & Ries) by social entrepreneurs.

Perhaps surprisingly she found little other research has been undertaken at the intersection of Lean Start-up and Social Enterprise - so once again we have the opportunity to hear about more world-leading research undertaken by members of this group at this months meeting.

Ondine will asked member whether there is interest in collaboration to develop a Flourishing Business Method and started a discussion to find other members interested in working on such a project.

The agenda for this meeting is posted here to our Linkedin Forum.

To introduce her presentation Ondine said "The Lean start-up is a popular methodology that attempts to put entrepreneurship and innovation on a rigorous footing and to prevent start-up failure. In order to increase social and ecological change globally it is important that methods claiming to reduce start-up risk or accelerate scaling opportunities are explored in detail. If there was a reduction in failure rates for social purpose start-up’s or better and quicker scaling opportunities this may have a significant impact on social innovation globally. This presentation is based on the outcomes of a recently completed research paper on the topic and will discuss how the methodology is currently being implemented in social purpose start-ups, the perceived impact and value of the methodology and explores an improved implementation approach for social purpose start-ups."

A link to  the slides plus a link to an unedited recording of this meeting is available via this our dropbox.  Note: we don't have the resources to edit the recording at present so it is "as is" (including missing the audio for ~5 mins at around 1hr05).  Please contact Prof. Nabil Harfoush for access.  The link is also posted in the comments to the agenda on the Linkedin Forum along with discussion about the meeting by our members.

Attendees in Toronto of 42nd monthly meeting of SSBMGroup - August 11, 2015

In attendance:
(Please let Antony Upward or Nabil Harfoush know if anyone is missing)