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2013-04 -> 2015-06

briThe SSBMG met monthly during this period (with few exceptions).

All meeting announcements are posted to our Forum.  All presentations made available by our speakers are in our dropbox.  Please contact Prof. Nabil Harfoush for access.

Some presentations are based on our Publications and Documents - see that page for links to research presented.

For months without specific details members conducted informal updates and / or discussed plans and next steps for the group and the initiatives of the members.

Presenters / topics included:
  • 2013-04
  • 2013-05
    • Ben McCammon, Graduate Student, OCADU - Mental Models of Sustainability Leaders (see Publications and Documents for links to this research)
  • 2013-06
  • 2013-07
  • 2013-08
    • Dr. Bob Willard, Author - Update to Gold-standard Benchmark for (Truly) Sustainable Business (see and Project: Future Fit Business Benchmark for latest)
    • Doug Words, Consultant - Introduction to The Accelerator & VISIS Method — Vision, Indicators, Systems, Innovation, Strategy (formally I S I S!)
  • 2013-09
    • Bruce Stewart, Consultant - Cognitive Edge Method
    • Sebastian Straube, Consultant - Update on Reporting 3.0 - The Future of Sustainability Reporting
    • Additionally Dr. Bob Willard, Author provided materials used at the September 11 international workshop on the Gold-Standard Benchmark for (Truly) Sustainable Business held in Toronto (see and Project: Future Fit Business Benchmark for latest)
  • 2013-10
    • Randy Sa'd, Consultant - presented about the Harbourfront Centre program management method REFOCUS on Sustainability
    • Brian Frandsen - Skolding Design School, Copenhagen - an introduction to their work on sustainable business models
    • Additionally Dr. Bob Willard, Author shared a presentation made to CANSEE (Canadian Society for Ecological Economics) on Gold-Standard Benchmark for (Truly) Sustainable Business (see and  Project: Future Fit Business Benchmark for latest)
  • 2013-11
    • Dr. Florian Lüdeke-Freund - Centre for Sustainability Management at Leuphana University, Germany - an introduction to their work, including and
    • Dr. Peter Jones - OCADU sLab - presented Dialogic Design for the Flourishing Enterprise - Collaborative Strategy Process & Action made to SSBMG meeting in November 2013 by OCADU sLab and Flourishing Business Toolkit project member Dr. Peter Jones.
  • 2013-12
    • Dr. Nancy Bocken - TU Delft and the Centre for Industrial Sustainability - University's of Cambridge, Cranfield, Loughborough, Imperial College London and the EPSRC. on Patterns of Sustainability Business Models
  • 2014-01
    • John Sutherland, Consultant - Value Designer Canvas
  • 2014-02
  • 2014-03
  • 2014-04
    • Natalie Robinson, Consultant and Educator - Educating for Strongly Sustainable Business Models
    • Additionally Dr. Bob Willard provided the update that the Gold-Standard Benchmark was being reimagined as the Future Fit Business Benchmark  (see and Project: Future Fit Business Benchmark for latest)
    • Additionally Antony Upward, OCADU Industry Partner, shared materials delivered by SAP as part of a MOOC on Sustainability and Innovation
    • Additionally Merlina Missimer, PhD Student of Dr. Karl-Henrik Robèrt, founder of the The Natural Step from Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden (Research home for The Natural Step), ran a workshop for SSBMG members on her research into the factors that lead to a sustainable society within a sustainable natural environment
  • 2014-05
    • Cilia Holmes Indahl, Graduate Student Norwegian School of Economics and HEC Paris, presented on her research: Innovation Business Models for Sustainability: Sustaining Profit and Planet
  • 2014-06
    • Lindsay Clinton, Consultant at SustainAbility, presented their recent research on patterns of Business Model Innovation for Sustainability
  • 2014-07
  • 2014-08 - Meeting not held due to vacations
  • 2014-09
  • 2014-10
    • Additionally Antony Upward shared Alex Osterwalder's presentation Value Proposition Design for Social Enterprise
  • 2014-11
  • 2014-12
    • Fiona Stappmanns, Graduate Student, University of  Innsbruck presentation on Sustainable Business Model Innovation
  • 2015-01
  • 2015-02
    • Margaret Lam, Founder Bemused Network presented on her business model
    • Prior to this meeting was a discussion by members who wanted to explore stating a project related to flourishing business models in the cultural sector of our society and economy.  This project was subsequently convened - see Project: Flourishing Cultural Business Models.
    • Additionally Dr. Nabil Harfoush provided a copy of his presentation about the SSBMG and all its activities made at the monthly OCADU Research Rendezvous seminar that shared the latest news on research across the university
  • 2015-03
  • 2015-04
    • Dr Henning Breuer, founder UX Berlin and developed of the Business Model Starter Kit, presented on Values-Based Innovation in Business Models and Value Networks (research undertaken with another member, Dr. Florian Lüdeke-Freund).
    • Randy Sa'd, Consultant - presented an update about the Harbourfront Centre program management method REFOCUS on Sustainability
  • 2015-05 - Meeting not held due to failure of technology platform
  • 2015-06
    • Adrianne Gilbride, graduate student, Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden (home of TNS Masters in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability) presented the final report of a group project: Purpose Beyond Profit: Sustainability in the Outdoor Industry
      (see Publications and Documents for links to this research)