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2013-03-12 - #015

Presenter: Anshula Chowdhury <>,

DOBSON produced these notes. They're terrible!

Office in Vancouver


Framework to get measures across 1000s of organizations?

Scalability – client decreasing cost and increasing capacity.

Ontario Trillium Foundations. – numbers are exploding. 1500 orgs


Alternative credit – microfinance –

Started with non-profits, but we’re opposed to

One of the major pieces: Does one size fit all orgs? One taxonomy and benchmarking?

Answer: Not possible at this point in time. Haven’t figured out what the standard would look like yet.

Monetized social return.  Unmonitized impact. Outcomes reporting – not necessarily causal.

Report on outcomes “We did 30 workshops” .. doesn’t provide an impact assessment.

Different sectors people work in (e.g. Arts and Culture)

SABITA – in-house database.

Social return on investment (SRI network created it). Developed by a bunch of people. Open source framework. Different levels of reporting. The type of report that comes out depends on the type of data you’ve got.

IV for variables. – academic theoretical literature for these indicators.

Not the solution for the entire market. There will be orgs for

Need to have more specialization in reporting.

Antony: Gold standard – shape and drive B-lab and GISR – Natural step impact on reporting

AU Question from a design perspective. How to design a strongly sustainable business. If they follow the AU advice, can the results cause a good result on the gold standard.

Indicators (not metrics) – how do they map to the design principles.

Does the framework apply to small or large firms? AU: It applies to all. Focus on small orgs. Methodology work. Push off to Mozol group – mutual presentation on Friday. SLS program presentation

Stephen Dobson,
Mar 13, 2013, 3:24 PM