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2013-02-12 - #014

Dr. Bob Willard, Author - Update to Gold-standard Benchmark for (Truly) Sustainable Business (see and Project: Future Fit Business Benchmark for latest)

Bob's Presentation on 7 characteristics of 3 dimensions
  • Environment
  • Society
  • Governance

For each dimension, - 7 different characteristics.

How do we evaluate these? We need to get serious about the metrics. Some metrics - how much are we doing/using. 

We can arrive at a gold standard, but that doesn't mean it gets accepted by the rest of the world. So we need buy-in.


GISR - Global initiative for sustainability Ratings

  • Content and process
  • Principles of criteria (announced in May in SF)
    • Issues / characteristics.
    • indicators (metrics)
    • Cycle to define components
    • Stakeholder engagement exercise - steering committee and technical review committee
    • Public comments to include as many people as possible
    • Engagement should provide ownership to people who try to contribute
  • What is a principle?
    • Engagement - inclusive and transparent
    • systems conditions  - content based - needs to live up to -
  • Acknowldeged many different principles
    • Natural step - biomimicry
    • Earth Charter
  • Who is synthesizing?
    • Secretary - Two people. Telus (Alan White - GRI innovator) and Ceres (mark Tulay)

B-Lab, BRXL. Structured reporting and standard accounting forms. BIRS - Blab Impact Reporting System

Help coming from companion

  • Sustainability Accounting Network Group
  • Potential issues with Corporate data.


Sustainability Accounting Standards Boards (SAS-B)

  • Trying to come up with 10 material sustainability issues to be listed on the stock exchange.
  • Already done the Health items
  • Extremely inclusive
  • 10 different sectors - typical
    • what this done by the 1st quarter of 2015
    • Still working on the metrics
  • What they try to do: 4 ecosystems (land water air, ?) - quantify damage to ecosystem and given themselves a penalty for it. Work with "True Cost" methodology on how to do this and how to hold people accountable is getting picked up.
  • Looking for industry specific metrics

PUMA have turned all their environmental measures into financial measures

GRI is coming up with their 4th gen Global Reporting Initiative. (aligned with GISR)

  • Should all look at the same things

B-Lab and B-corps

  • Effort by b-lab assessment questions that apply to small and large co's. 
  • Developing a quiestionnaire for large companies.
  • Topic by topic and q. by q. with 12 people. Should be finished by June.
  • Too many questions. Need to be weighted differently.

Could we end up with multiple standards?

  • Yes.
  • We need to find other orgs in other countries that are trying to do the same thing.

GISR is looking for other entities doing the same sort of thing.

  • Getting the accountants in on this is critical. 


  • Standard by which research is done

Ontology: What questions need to ask

Systems perspective - sweep through different.

The Natural Step - partnered with an academic group (PROBE). N/A rep will now meet with Antony. How did they turn the system conditions to the ESG metrics.

Nabil: When we were on Skype - we started talking about assembling a gathering in March. Should we pursue? Invite a small number? Should we talk more about it? 

Direct it: How does a design perspective fit? (Stephen doesn't understand this question)

Who should we invite? 2 guys from "form of the Future". Bart Houlihan - Business Model Section. Jake Cohen. A one-day event when we're having a workshop together and where does the business model fit in? 

GISR has the best characteristics and influence. They're credible enough to pull this off too.