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2012-01 -> 2013-01

The SSBMG met monthly during this period (13 meetings)

All meeting announcements are posted to our Forum.  All presentations made available by our speakers are in our dropbox.  Please contact Prof. Nabil Harfoush for access.

Some presentations are based on our Publications and Documents - see that page for links to research presented.

For months without specific details members conducted informal updates and / or discussed plans and next steps for the group and the initiatives of the members.

  • 2012-01 Founding meeting. 
    • Antony Upward, Graduate Student, York University Faculty of Environmental Studies and  Schulich School of Business presented a status report on his research  Strongly Sustainable Business Model Ontology and Canvas.  This let Dr. Nabil Harfoush to suggest he convene this group hosted within the OCAD University Strategic Innovation Lab.  Dr. Peter Jones, Prof. Jeremy Bowes, and Antony Upward (the other attendees) agreed and the group was formed - see announcement posted to OCADU sLab website.
    • Additionally Peter Jones shared Gabe Sawhney, Graduate Student OCADU MDes Strategic Forsight and Innovation major research project on Socially Desired Value  (see Publications and Documents for links to this research)
  • 2012-02
  • 2012-03
  • 2012-04
    • Antony Upward, Graduate Student York University presented a prezi that explores the SSBMG Ecosystem and theory of Change for the group towards achieving its vision and mission (Antony Upward+All)
  • 2012-05
  • 2012-06
  • 2012-07
  • 2012-08
  • 2012-09
  • 2012-10
    • Additionally Antony Upward shared a report from Nordic Innovation - Green Business Model Innovation
  • 2012-11
  • 2012-12
    • Additionally Prof. Nabil Harfoush and Antony Upward shared a presentation made to them on the Sustainable Business Framework being developed by the Forum for the Future (FftF) in the United Kingdom.
  • 2013-01