Monthly Meetings

Our first meeting was held in Jan 2012 by the co-founders: Prof. Nabil Harfoush, Antony Upward, Prof. Peter Jones and Prof. Jeremy Bowes.  Meetings have continued monthly with only one or two months missed (as of the March 2016 meeting 48 monthly meetings have been held; see sub-pages below for details of each meeting).  

One of the main ways for SSBMGroup to implement its vision & mission is to foster leadership within the community interested in sustainable business and in SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises). In addition to the network effect (leading to many documented and undocumented multi-lateral collaborations between members of the group) this fostering is achieved through the various exchanges happening in our meetings, in the discussions of our LinkedIn Forum, in this wiki, and else where. We therefore strive to amplify and enhance these exchanges as much as possible. To extend these exchanges beyond our group, we encourage and expect the speakers for our monthly meetings to invite colleagues, peers, and friends outside the SSBMG to join the meeting.


We welcome all graduate students, academics, consultants, business founders, managers, etc. to propose topics for our meetings, including but not limited to
  • results or updates on research or experience from practice
  • new ideas
  • proposals for research or practice projects in which members would like to engage other members
  • challenges you are facing in research or practice that you would like to explore with our members
Presenters are asked to highlight connections between their topic and this groups streams of research and practice.  It is not necessary to prepare a formal presentation; many meetings are, by design, without a pre-planned agenda to allow for informal discussion and updates amongst members and serendipitous outcomes!

The group provides
an informed and friendly audience, so its a great place for both practitioners and researchers to share, test ideas and get feedback and find collaborators for current and future research and practice.

The monthly meetings are your opportunity to tell your fellow group members about your vision, current work (project, practice, insights), and / or tell us about the latest news / updates on the collaborative work you are doing with other members of the group or outside the group that you think we should be aware of.    To propose a topic join us in our Forum on LinkedIn and add your topic to the GoogleSpreadsheet linked to this post, or contact the groups convener Prof. Nabil Harfoush.   

Meeting Details

  • We try to meet at the same time each month - currently the 2nd Tuesday of each monthly at 16h30 EST / UTC -5
  • Our Monthly meetings are 90 minutes with either one or two presenters plus discussion or just informal updates and discussion. 
  • Details of meetings - agenda / date / time / location / virtual logistics (Adobe Connect) are posted to our Forum on LinkedIn (please join us there).
  • The standing agenda for the meeting, along with reminders and a summary of group sources of information is available here.
  • Meetings are conducted in English - but sharing knowledge takes priority over polished language skills!
  • Meetings are recorded and a public link shared with all our members (this to accommodate members in time-zones where attending live is difficult)
  • Meetings are summarized, at varying levels of detail on the sub-pages below.
  • All presentations made available by our speakers are in our dropbox.  Please contact Prof. Nabil Harfoush for access.
  • From July 2015 onwards meetings are recorded via Adobe Connect.  Links to the recordings are placed in the Linkedin Forum Thread for that months meeting and with the presentation in the corresponding dropbox folder.
  • Some presentations are based on our Publications and Documents - see that page for links to research presented.
  • Some members chose to post additional notes about meetings to this wiki (see listing of sub-pages below), or discuss meeting outcomes in our Forum on LinkedIn.
  • Groups of members frequently meet between meetings to collaborate on a range of initiatives.  Major initiatives have pages beginning with "Project:" in this wiki (see list on left of this page).  Any member can start a project, usually by making a call for interest to all members in Linkedin and / or via a presentation at a monthly meeting.

Face to Face Meetings

We meet face-to-face in Toronto at OCAD University (room is included in the meeting invite posted to our Forum on LinkedIn - please join us there)

Virtual Meetings - Technology Platform

We also meet virtually to enable members to join from anywhere.

We use the Adobe Connect platform hosted by OCAD University (URL is included in the meeting invite posted to our Forum on LinkedIn - please join us there.)

If you run into difficulties during the meeting we try to have a Skype account on line - this included in the meeting invite.

Prior to joining the meeting we recommend:

  1. Downloading the Adobe Connect 9 plugin -
  2. Test the plug-in -

You can also join a test meeting room at anytime at:

  • Ensure you can hear and be heard (Microphone/Speakers)
  • Ensure you can see and be seen (Camera)
  • Ensure you can see the presentation and can type in the chat
  • Presenters should also ensure they can "Share My Screen"

If you have difficulties please contact Adobe Connect support via Live Chat -

Finally if you are having problems with the plugin you can join the meeting without the plugin by appending /?launcher=false to the meeting URL.  This will open the meeting room without the plugin.

For Our Presenters

  • You have either ~40 mins (including Q&A) or ~80 mins (incl Q&A)
  • If you are presenting
    • Remotely you present your presentation using what ever software you prefer from your own computer.
    • In person you may:
      • Use your own computer if you have a wired Ethernet port (no wireless network access unless you have access to EDURoam
      • Ask us to provide a Mac running Microsoft Powerpoint and / or Chrome browser (for cloud base presentation software like Prezi)
  • Adobe Connect allows you to share your screen *IF* you install the plug-in.
    • See Virtual Meetings Technology Platform for details
    • Because of this installation process it is vital we get the technology working prior to the start time for your presentation. 
    • You should plan to join us at 30 min prior to the start of the meeting on the day you present.  Please please make sure you do this - typically we find presenters take 15-30 mins to get the technology working satisfactorily - and we don't want to keep all our members waiting with last minute technology problems (this has happened in the past and its not good for presenter - who loosing presentation time, nor the audience).
  • During the presentation:
    • You may not be able to see the video feed of the meeting room in Toronto or other remote participants; plus often there is a small delay.  To over come this please ensure you regularly check the Adobe Connect meeting "chat" and pause to ask for questions.
  • Please provide a PDF or PPT version of your presentation for us to post to our drop box prior to the start of the meeting
  • You are free to share the link to the recording of your presentation in your communities.

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