Coalescing Initiative: Software Platform

A project proposed by members <names>  


The initial discussion about this idea for a new project that members of the SSBMG might wish to collaborate around was made <event>  on <date> (see this post to the Linkedin Forum for details if you'd like to join and participate in this discussion;    <May also want to mention March 27th and post minutes of that meeting here - perhaps as a sub-page to this one - see structure on this page for a possible example of how the members of this project can use this wiki to transparently share / discuss:Project: Flourishing Enterprise Innovation Toolkit>

Next Steps

Is it now time to convene a  new project within the group to <do something>?

<What's Happened So Far>

<Invitation to Participate to other SSBMG members>

Do you have ideas about how we should start moving forward on the Software Platofmr project? Would you be interested in getting involved in this potential project in the future? 

If so, we are calling for all interested members, practitioners and researchers, those with experience <on topics related to software platform>, to join us for an initial exploratory meeting about the way forward. Students and other researchers who might wish to make this topic core to their research are most welcome to lead and participate. Practitioners who see such <software platform> as being central to their value propositions in the market are also most welcome to lead and participate. 

If you know of others already doing work in this area please invite them to join this first discussion so we can explore collaboration possibilities, we may not need to reinvent the wheel. 

<Plans for Next Meeting>

A discussion thread in Linkedin will be started to enable SSBMG members to express their interest in participation in this first exploratory meeting <URL here>

Initial Outline Statement of Purpose / Scope / Objective

<See other pages for example Project: Flourishing Enterprise Method> <Suggest using words from my invitations to the call March 27th to help define the opening scope for the project and then invite other SSBMG members who are chosing to get involved to edit / comment.  Remember wiki's remember everything... so no edit deletes anything!>