Paused Initiative: Flourishing Cultural Business Models

In the Spring of 2015, a group was convened by various members of the SSBMG to explore the potential value of the FBM Canvas for non-profit, cultural organizations. Amongst the initiators were: Charlotte Young, Douglas Worts, Margaret Lam, Randy Sa'd and more.

The initial meeting involved a lively discussion about how cultural organizations may need to seriously revisit their core missions, values and activities - as well as developing 'cultural' measures of success and impact on the community.  The FBM Canvas is a very useful tool in attempting to analyze the status quo of existing cultural organizations, as well as to help frame new/emerging visions and strategies that will have meaningful cultural impacts.

In the late winter, OCAD University provided a research grant that enabled the engagement of two graduate students, as well as WorldViews Consulting and ENVision...Synergy as 'industry partners', to explore the extent to which Greater Toronto Area museums are inclined towards the goals of 'flourishing' and whether these organizations may become good partners in research for the SSBMG.

The report of that research is now available - see below.

The July 2015 meeting of the SSBMG was dedicated to the topic of "The Role(s) of Culture in Flourishing" - and that presentation, by Charlotte Young and Douglas Worts, was recorded and available - see this page for details.

A second deep drive session about this initial research and to start to plan next steps is scheduled for the October meeting of the SSBMG, details here.

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