Initiative: THRIVE Project

THRIVE Sustainability Performance Scorecard (SPS)
Tool Evaluation

The Holistic Regenerative Innovative Value Enterprise (THRIVE) Project originated in 2015 and aims at assessing the strong corporate sustainability performance of enterprises in relation to their organizational business model. 

This conceptual study draws on what the best science indicates ought to be the attributes of an approach to determining the sustainability performance of enterprises and categorizing its business model. These attributes, known as focus factors, have been summarized in this document. The theoretical framework as well as the chosen Design Science Research (DSR) methodology is detailed in the Journal Articles referenced below. There is a web-based and an Android-based version of the THRIVE sustainability performance scorecard (SPS) tool available upon registering. Illustrative data is used in the examples provided.

All those who register for the evaluation, will be asked to participate in a semi-structured interview and provided with the results of the study. The final study results are being presented in mid-2020 at a major conference in Europe. We encourage you to participate, with your input recognized (unless indicated otherwise). Here is an introductory brochure. A list of relevant references is shown below.

Presentation: Assessing Corporate Sustainability Performance of Business Models (Fedeli, 2018).

Conference Proceeding/Journal Article: Assessing the corporate sustainability performance of organizational business models. [Journal of Accountancy & Business] (Fedeli, 2018).

Presentation: The challenges of transitions towards a more sustainable business (Fedeli, 2019).

Conference Proceedings: The challenges of transitions towards a more sustainable business 4th International New Business Model Conference (Fedeli, 2019).

Presentation: The Classification of Sustainable Business Model Patterns (Fedeli, 2020).

Conference Proceedings: The Classification of Sustainable Business Model Patterns using Machine Learning (Fedeli, MD & Lüdeke-Freund, F, 2020).

Contact us here to participate in this project aimed at developing the Trajectory Towards Thrivable Transformations.

Morris Fedeli,
Aug 9, 2020, 10:43 PM