This page can be used to propose and discuss stories that can be used to maximize the impact of the conceptual content of the book.

These stories may / are likely to require that the sequence of the presentation of the book conceptual content need to be changed.

Our basic thinking is we want to inspire people to create better business models in the here and now that lead to creating the possibility for human and other life to flourish (see expressions on the faces of some children for the reaction we want to provoke in our readers).

Further we believe that, as suggested by Jonah Sacks Hero's Journey trope video(part of his "Winning the Story Wars" work following on from helping to write the scripts for "The Story of Stuff") we should position the Flourishing Business Innovation Toolkit as a gift to heroes everywhere (i.e. initially the buyers of the book), and position ourselves as the mentor (i.e. the provider of wisdom, knowledge and experience vital to, but not the only success factor, for the hero - who must draw on other deep resources - their companions and their own goals, knowledge, skills, experience, energy and drive).