Core Development Team

This page will list and provide the bios the people who have chosen to to collaborate on this endeavour as a result of  learning about the Strongly Sustainable Business Model Group  (SSBMG[1]), the key piece of research that lead to its founding[2], and participating in a series of workshops and other interactions convened by Antony Upward in May 2013[3] and subsequently.

As of January 2014 a current list of the core development team and some (very) basic biographical information can be found here.

As of January 2020 a current list of the First Explorers most heavily involved in the project can be found here.

[2] Antony Upward’s thesis: Upward, A. (2013). Towards an Ontology and Canvas for Strongly Sustainable Business Models: A Systemic Design Science Exploration. (Masters of Environmental Studies / Graduate Diploma in Business + Environment, York University, Faculty of Environmental Studies and Schulich School of Business). , 1-1116 (i-xxii). (