4. Methods

The design methods will help people use the strongly sustainable business design principles to create business models using the tool which are strongly sustainable.

Methods…to diagnose, create, test, improve, implement strongly sustainable business
  • design, visual and systems thinking
  • collaboration, co-creation, ideation, foresight, backcasting, prototyping,simulation, evaluation and iteration
  • design principles for strongly sustainable business (Chapter 2)

Complementary Ideas

Other topics which we may wish to include, or at least provide pointers to:

  • A maturity model for strongly sustainable business - Bob Willard's model is one of (perhaps the only) such model at present
  • A measurement framework, i.e. once you've created a business based on your business model design, how do you know if its actually strongly sustainable.  This is the work of the related gold-standard project and many other current initiatives (many SSBMG members are also involved in these initiatives).
  • Bench marking frameworks, such as PROBE - promoting business excellence - which is largely based on Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development and the B Impact Reporting System (BIRS) from B-Lab, benchmarked via the database of all companies reporting performance via BIRS maintained by the Global Impact Investing Rating System (GIIRS).