Workshop #1 Photos

These photos were taken by Peter Jones and Tom Du during the workshop; the location is the OCADU sLab.   Photograph /Audio / Visual Release forms were signed.

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SSBMCanvas showing example of Timberland's Business Model
Wall sized SSBMCanvas v1.03 showing example of Timberland's Business Model.  More detail on the Timberland Business Model expressed using the Strongly Sustainable Business Model Ontology here.  You can see this picture at higher resolution in this slideshare, slide 32, or better zoom around it at at path step 11 of this prezi (sorry no URL to just straight to that path step).

L->R Tom Du, the 6 people around the world (on the computer!): Bill Craig (Edmonton/Saudi), Florian Lüedeke-Freund (Germany), Pong Leung (Vancouver), Hilary Samuel (Ottawa), Chris Yalonis (San Francisco), Alexandre Joyce (Montréal), Antony Upward - setting the (hopeful) context.

L->R Barry Martin, Mic Berman, Russ Christianson, Bob Willard, Stephen Davies

Pad Boarding the potential for personal and collective impact.  L->R Antony Upward, Doug Worts, Peter Jones, Barry Martin.
Florian walks the F2F group through the on-line groups strongly sustainable business model canvas sketch for the Strongly Sustainable Business Model Innovation Toolkit / "Book"!  Yes, we are eating our own dog food!

L->R Russ Christianson and Antony Upward (clearly having a good day!)