2nd workshop - Notes of online discussions

Notes on the previous models created in workshop #1

Model #1:  

Strengths: Smaller sized steps
Weakness: Diffuse and multiple stakeholders. No focus.

Tom : 
3 elements: Not in any particular order.
1) Books
2) Tools for implementers (prescriptive, worksheet)
3) Education materials.
Q: What are the market potentials for each element?

Model #2 skipped.

Model #3:

Clear objective towards diagnosis, measurements, 

Clear stakeholders

Model #3 is an Implementer's paradigm
Critique of Osterwalder: not an intergrative approach. Is incomplete. Has to deal with knock-offs. Certification process is a “must”.
More lessons from Osterwalder
Building a community.
Room for improvement

Timeframe should create priorities 

Bill (?): 3rd model is the sustainable business
Others about the book and a toolkit
Overlap between models

4th Model - anthony's

A lot of ideas, many “nice-to-have”, missing focus, direction

Begin with value proposition as a product

Suggestion let's focus on the book as a first starting point

Only if we keep in mind that there needs to platform

What is the job to be done?

We worked with Florian on the canvas starting here.

Rich discussions on the future models.

Here's a few notes about the online discussion, some have said we didn't capture.
3 things: story, platform, crowdfunding.

We discussed much about the notion of the story. We're unsure of the message and the goal, therefore packaging it into a story is difficult. Is the canvas the best way to tell the story?

The chicken or the egg is the book or the platform. It was mostly about the book as the focus and/or on making small revenues as first steps with a platform (webinar, conferences, pdf...).  All those whom have launched just a book, wished they had also a platform for other types of content. But should we put our efforts first on the book and the platform will grow later. Can we really do both at the same time.

The last big point of discussion was the crowdsourcing model. It answers the need to create early revenues before financial investments. The personal and time investments however remain to be financed other wise. Would this means preparing a campaign before getting the writing and editing work. Can both the campaign and the book be worked on simultaneously.

Next question:
How can the online team work together?

My suggestion is to have the output of meetings as an input. Meaning that we come to the meeting with our view and we exchange and build from multiple ideas from multiple people. 

Insert Florian's model here.