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Translations for Flourishing

There are many words that mean or imply flourishing in English
  • Strongly sustainable from macro-ecological economics
  • Thriving
  • Future Fit
  • Resilient
  • Regenerative
  • Integral
  • Strategically sustainable (Karl Henrik-Robèrt et. al)
  • "Living within the donut" (Kate Rayworth)
  • >>will collect more here.
We can think of the members of the SSBMGroup as (one of?) the worlds first communities of micro-ecological economists!  (

We can think of the members of the SSBMGroupas (one of) the worlds first communities of organizational / enterprise / business systemic-designers! (Relating to the work of the Systemic Design Network).

But how do we translate flourishing into other languages?  We will collect translations here.
  • In Swahili:  Kustawi  (thank-you Ondine Hogeboom, Lean for Flourishign Startups)
  • In German: Gedeihend or perhaps Florierend, as in "Florierende Geschäftsmodelle"  (thank-you Christoph Auch, EIT-Climate-KIC)
  • In Portuguese: Florescer (thank-you Simon Robinson Holonomics Education; although he noted this may not have all the same connotations as the English - perhaps more focused on growth / plants)
  • In French: S'épanouir (thank-you Julie Hamel and Eric Steadman in Montreal)
  • In Arabic: مزدهر (thank-you Fawzi Halila)
  • In Swedish: Bloomstra (thank-you Stefan Weisner; however the sense was this wasn't an exact translation - more related to flowers blooming than the multi-dimensional notion of flourishing
  • In Bulgarian: разцвет (related to blooming), or a more multi-dimensional term благоденствуващ (thank-you Maya Hoveskog)
  • In Greek: ανθηρός/ή (related to blooming) and ακμαίος/α or ακμάζων/ουσα (related to thriving) (thank-you Panos Panagiotakopoulos)
  • In Spanish: Despertar (thank-you Marie and Climate-KIC RIS Startup Accelerator Lab participants and Coaches)
  • In Dutch / Flemish: Floreren (thank-you Jan Detand and Koen Miseur)
  • In Italian: Fiorire (Thank-you Francesca Ostuzzi)
  • In Russian: Процветание (thank-you Fyodor Ovchinnikov - Institute for Evolutionary Leadership)
  • In Danish: Blomst ... means Flower ... and it ends up: Blomsterende ... but that is a bit 'to sweet'. Then there the word Thriving than also translate into Blomsterende ... but also Trives ... that I kind of like better - but Flourishing is just better ... not translated  (thank-you Henriette Rudi Melchiorsen)