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Members & Initiatives

Group Members

The members of the Strongly Sustainable Business Model Group (SSBMG) (more info here) who have chosen to publicly mention their involvement in the group (group members please add / edit as you see fit):

Group Initiatives

Members join the SSBMG to collaborate on one or more projects related to our 5 streams of research and practice.  All these initiatives are considered "knowledge mobilization initiatives of the the Strongly Sustainable Business Model Group, hosted by the Ontario College of Art and Design University's Strategic Innovation Lab (OCADU sLab)

Members are responsible for adding details of their work and the names of the members involved so new and current members can find the people working on initiatives they would like to collaborate with.

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Journal Articles

Please tell us what you're working on where you are looking for collaborators.

Completed work should be listed in our literature repository http://literature.SSBMG.com: please provide group member Florian Lüdeke-Freund with preferred citation and URL to download.

Organization & Environment special issue "Business Models for Sustainability"

Guest editors: Prof. Dr. Stefan Schaltegger, Prof. Dr. Erik Hansen, Dr. Florian Lüdeke-Freund (all Centre for Sustainability Management (CSM))
Submission deadline: 7th Feb 2014
Publication of SI: 2015
Call for paper details available here.

This special issue is now published including a paper describing the research on the Strongly Sustainable Business Model Ontology that lead the founding of this group is included.  See our Publications and Documents, plus a full list of all papers in the special issue here.

Planned article for Journal of Cleaner Production special issue "Systematic Leadership Towards Sustainability"

Elizabeth Kurucz, Barry Colbert, Florian Lüdeke-Freund, Antony Upward, and Bob Willard submitted an extended abstract to this special issue which will be produced by guest editors Göran Broman, Karl-Henrik Robèrt, George Basile, Tobias Larsson, Rupert Baumgartner, Terry Collins, and Donald Huisingh.

The extended abstract titled "Transdisciplinary Leadership for Sustainability: Integrating the Natural and Social Sciences to Build Resilient Societies" was positively evaluated by the editors; the authors were invited to submit a full paper by April 30, 2014. 

Comments have now been received and a revision submitted under the revised title: "Relational Leadership for Sustainability:
Addressing the Challenge of Integration to Build Resilient Societies"

    Masters and PhD Research

    Please tell us what you're working on where you are looking for collaborators / research participants

    Completed work should be added by the author on this wiki here.  Files can be hosted on our dropbox http://files.SSBMG.com

    • >>Lots of work to be added here!
    • Alexandre Joyce, PhD at Concordia, working title: Designing sustainable business models for manufacturing SMEs: building a prospective design practice to transform the industrial paradigm. 
    • Graeme Heyes, PhD Candidate at Manchester Metropolitan University. Working Title: Facilitating Sustainable Business Model Innovation in Firms; A Case Study of the Airport Retail Sector.

    Major Initiatives

    1. Flourishing Business Toolkit Project

    This is the new title for this major initiative of the group (original working title Strongly Sustainable Business Model Innovation Toolkit project)

    A subset of the SSBMGroup's members has formed a Core Development Team for the development of the Flourishing Business Innovation Toolkit.  This project includes a crowd-funded collaborative book project and the launch of a for-impact business will bring the Toolkit and complementary products and services to the world - helping to achieve the SSBMG's mission to help SME's adopt strongly sustainable business models.

    2. "Sustainability-Oriented Business Model Assessment" (SUST-BMA)

    The Centre for Sustainability Management (CSM), lead by Prof. Dr. Stefan Schaltegger, and the Institute for Distributed Autonomous Systems and Technologies (VauST), lead by Prof. Dr. Ralph Welge, applied for funding to develop a basic framework that integrates the business model perspective with sustainability performance assessment methods. Two full research assistant positions will be funded. Candidates willing to work in German(y) are highly welcome - job ads here!

    SUST-BMA aims at developing a research-based and application-oriented methodology to analyse and assess companies’ sustainability performance at the business model level. The project’s overall purpose is to provide a framework for analysing, identifying, and supporting truly sustainable business models, taking into account their social, ecological, and economic impact. So far, no such business model assessment frameworks or tools do exist. The project follows an interdisciplinary approach, combining corporate sustainability management and applied informatics perspectives.

    There are many possible synergies between the Toolkit Project and SUST-BMA (e.g. using the SSBMOntology and SSBMCanvas and providing feedback to Antony Upward and the SSBMGroup). As soon as funding has been approved, we will be able to share all the information needed to discuss inter- and cross-project collaborations!

    Contact: Florian Lüdeke-Freund

    3. Future Fit Business Benchmark (F2B2)

    Formally "Gold-Standard benchmark for Truly Sustainable Business (GSB).  A measurement system (KPIs) and thresholds (Goals) that enable a business to determine if they are (based on the natural and social science) strongly sustainable.  To learn more see the project page in this wikisee the new Future Fit Business Benchmark website.  (see this for the original Gold-standard related materials).

    A number of members of the SSBMG are involved in this collaborative project of The Natural Step Canada - including Bob Willard and Antony Upward.   Contact them for details. 

    4. Reporting 3.0

    This is an international multi-stakeholder collaborative effort to vision and encourage the development of truly sustainable reporting.   The objective is to become the leading Think and do Tank dedicated to shaping the Future of Sustainability Reporting.

    A successful launch event was help in September 2013 involving German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, the German Global Compact Network, the German Council for Sustainable Development and the German WBCSD Partner Econsense.   See this video and the invitation/agenda.

    Please contact Sebastian Straube for details.

    4. Flourishing Cultural Business Models

    See details of this project on this page of this wiki.  Contact Charlotte Young and Douglas Worts for details.

    5. Flourishing Business Method

    See details of this project on this page of this wiki.  Contact Ondine Hodgeboom for details.

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