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Research & Practice Ideas List

To help our community of researchers (academics, students, professionals) and practitioners we are starting to compile a list of research and practice ideas that fit within the five streams of research for this group.  The group is particularly interested in research and practice that allows action towards our groups goal - have SME's successfully implement Strongly Sustainable Business Models (creating tri-profit: financial rewards, social benefits and environmental regeneration) and hence actively sustain "the possibility that human and other life can flourish on this planet forever" (Ehrenfeld, 2000).

One can think of each of these ideas as being accompanied by a "gap" in the literature or practice that the originator of the research idea has identified.

All members are encouraged to amend this list - to add ideas and to record which members are choosing to pursue research in which areas.   If you don't have access to the wiki to edit it please contact Antony Upward or Nabil Harfoush via our Linkedin Forum.

Completed research should be listed on our Publications & Documents page;  Peer reviewed reports on completed research should be added to literature.SSBMG.com maintained by our member Florian Lüdeke-Freund

When you add/change this this list please
  • Add your name if you are the originator of a research idea - e.g. - contact <name> - added yyyy/mm. 
  • Add your name if you are actively pursuing a research area - e.g. - being researched/practiced by <name> as of yyyy/mm (<name of institution / organization>)
No need to include emails - people can contact you via our Linkedin Forum (even if they are not connected with you in Linkedin)
  • Patterns - gaps between Weakly and Strongly Sustainable Patterns of Business Models (See work of our Member Nancy Bocken for current work to build on), perhaps using Flourishing Business Canvas (FBC) or Strongly Sustainable Business Model Ontology (SSBMO) as taxonomy - contact Antony Upward - added 2013/01
  • Exploring B Labs "Impact Business Models" with the Flourishing Business Canvas - How are these conceptions of business models the same, or different, and why?  How can this understanding of these different views on business models help the 2600+ Certified B Corps world-wide accelerate their improvement in their B Impact Scores - contact Antony Upward, Nille Skalts (Head B Lab Denmark), and Dan Osusky (Director of Standards at B Lab - responsible for the definition of the B Lab Impact Business Models) - added 2017-11 
  • Mapping Value Constellations - i.e. end-to-end / cradle-to-cradle business models with SSBMO and FBC.  While this is quite possible with the SSBMO, it is hard with the current version (v2) of the FBC.  How could it be made better?  - contact Antony Upward - added 2013/01
  • What are "compatibility" gaps between Weakly Sustainable Business Model literature (The majority listed at literature.SSBMG.com maintained by our member Florian Lüdeke-Freund) and deinfitions of flourishing / Strongly Sustainable Business. See introduction to "Missing the revolution: Darwinism for social scientists" by Barkow for definition of compatibility. - contact Antony Upward or Florian Lüdeke-Freund - added 2014/01
  • Student Case Study Possibility - Is it harder to build Local Sustainable Business Communities for SMEs in large cities?  - contact Antony Upward (list of interviewees already agreed to participate)
  • How can cultural creative organizations be strongly sustainable - contact Charlotte Young or Doug Worts - as of 2015/02
  • Case Studies of the Business Models of existing organizations using Flourishing Business Canvas as
    • BeMused - contact Margaret Lam (CEO) - as of 2015/02
    • Legal Firms (list of interviewees  - contact Antony Upward - as of 2015/02
    • Building the Local Forest Economy - Toronto City pilot Sawmill project (list of interviewees known)  - Contact Antony Upward - as of 2015/02
    • Co-operatives - Contact Antony Upward - as of 2015/05
  • How can Lean Start-up be applied to Flourishing Biz (Lean + Backcasting) - Contact Ondine Hodgeboom as of 2014/11 / being researched by Ondine Hodegeboom as of 2014/11 (Henley)
  • Can and how can co-operatives sustain strongly sustainable outcomes - sustaining the possibility that human and other life can flourish on this planet for seven generations and beyond.  See Canadian Co-operative Research Network, Antony Upward and Russ Christianson.