Welcome to the Strongly Sustainable Business Model Group (SSBMG) We are a growing global community of practice and research, and a knowledge mobilization initiative, hosted by OCAD University's Strategic Innovation Lab (sLab)

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The group meets regularly, over 80 monthly meetings since 2012.  This enables our members to share their practice and research.  All meetings are listed on this wiki as sub-pages of the "meetings" heading on the left.

Our members have on-going conversations in our LinkedIn Group.  Anyone joining this conversation on LinkedIn is considered a member.

Lastly, this wiki is also our group's workspace for our members to collaborate on their various initiatives.   For our members' initiatives that are highly aligned with our vision & mission, we formally recognize them, bringing a range benefits to those initiatives and all our members.  See wiki page "Initiatives of Our Members" on the left, and the sub-pages for each initiative. 

If you are a member of the group and require edit access to this wiki please contact our Community Animators.

Learn more about our group please review a recent opening presentation from our monthly meetings.

Our Group is Evolving - June 2019

Seven and half years after the group's founding we are evolving.  

At our June 2019 meeting we launched our group's evolution.  We are working to become a planetary-wide network of nodes that together form the Flourishing Enterprise Institute, and its community of practice and research.
SSBMGroup Evolution to Flourishing Enterprise Institute + Community

We invite all members to join the conversation to co-create the direction for the Institute and the evolution of this community.  And you can explore with others what this evolution could mean for you.

We will have periodic on-going discussions with our members about this evolution.  These happen on our discussion platform Loomio.FlourishingEnterpriseInstitute.org.  Our first discussion was June-Aug 2019.  You  can find background documents on our evolution on Loomio.  This first discussion on Loomio is now in read-only mode.  We will announce our next discussion in due course.

Original Introduction to the SSBMGroup

How can organizations flourish in social, environmental and economic dimensions, and contribute to a new truly-sustainable economy? This question, in one form or another, is on the mind of many people today. Flourishing enterprises and true-sustainability can be approached in many ways and from numerous perspectives.  

In January 2012 the multi-disciplinary Strongly Sustainable Business Model Group (SSBMG) was founded with the objective of providing a focal point for collaboration in practice and applied research on this topic. The SSBMG is an action research knowledge mobilization initiative of the Strategic Innovation Lab in OCAD University's Faculty of Design.  The group includes industry practitioners, faculty and graduate students from around the world, including from OCAD University's Strategic Foresight & Innovation program.

We have 5 streams of research/practice being actively undertaken by our members, who list completed works here, document on-going initiatives here, and use other sections of the wiki to enable collaboration on those initiatives.

In addition we: